The irony is not lost on me

So, right after I talk about how DRM ain't all that bad, comes this post about a tool that essentially works on stuff you've ripped from DVD.

Matinee is an awesome utility that acts as an intermediary between you and the Mac DVD player, allowing you to watch any of the _TS folders you have stored.

Se, here's the thing that is awesome about Mac. They know their users are the type of people who make DVDs. And need to test DVDs they're making. So the Mac DVD player can treat any VIDEO_TS folder as a disc. Letting you not only get access to the full menus of a disc, but also the full 5.1 Digital sound ( providing you have the capability to output it on your PowerMac G5, PowerBook 17", or have a breakout box ).

Sure, the storage per disc is huge, but it beats having a mega-compressed DivX or 3ivx copy. We'll see what h.264 and Quicktime 7 ( with sound capability beyond just stereo ) brings, untill then - this is pretty sweet.


Internet Radio on the iPod

Radio Recorder

This awesome utility, found here, lets you record incoming streams to .mp3, allowing you to take it on the run with you. Not only that, you can set up recording times just like a VCR. I grab some fresh music every night while I sleep to take with me to the gym the following day.

And, since some of the best stuff to listen to on the web isn't an .MP3 stream ( npr.org ) you can use this awesome tool from the talented folks at Ambrosia Software, Wiretap.

DRM Isn't Evil

So I read this:


and the author seems to be a stand up guy. But I gotta ask - what's so bad about DRM? I you have legally bought lisence to listen to a song ( or movie or what have you ) what's so bad about letting the owner of that song stop you from redistibuting it? Music, movies and books are not cheap to make, so don't those who make them who don't trample on a person's Fair Use ( http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl102.html ) like CSS does on DVDs deserve a little bit of protection from piracy?


Okay - so I'm just setting things up.

I'm going to be using this site to share my experiences with the Mac and media services ( movies, music, and photos. )

Yes, I'll cover turning the Mac Mini into a Media Server, since apparently all the cool kids are doing it.

But I'll also cover things like tricking out iTunes, wiring setups, and the like.